C1G refrigerated cooler 0-40°c

£1,644.00 (exc VAT) Each

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The Grant range of cooling systems, allow thermostatic baths, circulators and immersion thermostats to operate at or below room temperature, by means of a coil dipped into the bath. The coil is made of nickel-plated copper, and is designed to fit in the bath such that it doesn’t impinge on the working area (except ST5, BW/65474)

The C1G refrigerated cooler consists of a cooling coil connected by a flexible pipe to a refrigeration unit, which is housed in an outer case and extracts heat continuously, with the temperature control being carried out by the bath’s control unit.



Technical specification:




Temperature range

0 to 40°C

Minimum temperature with ST series tanks


Cooling power at 20°C


Cooling power at 0°C


Overall consumption