Bath water 8 L with circulator

£1,015.64 (exc VAT) Each

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A range of closed circuit circulator baths for water, supplied complete with a stainless steel tank and mounting bridge both of which are corrosion resistant and easy to clean. This range circulates water at a rate of 10 litres per minute. It features a low liquid level float -safety cut out, low liquid level warning, digital PID control, timer and an audible and visual over temperature alarm. Available in four sizes to suit a wide range of applications. A bath cover is recommended above 60°C.

Technical Specification:


Capacity: 8 Litres

Working dimensions: 129 x 332 x 150mm

Sensitivity:  ±0.05°C

Uniformity:  ±0.01°C

Temperature range:  Ambient +5°C – 99°C (Using optional accessory BW/85262 or BW/85272, cooling from ambient down to -20°C is possible)

Heater : 230V, 1250W.

Variable timer, 00:01 to 99:59 ( hh:mm) Activates at set temperature, end of timed period with audible buzzer and “end” message. 

Under/over temperature alarm is automatically set at 4°C above and 4°C below set point.

When a low liquid level is detected, a “FILL” message automatically appears and heating is suspended. Once filled, heating is restored and temperature control resumes automatically.

All Clifton brand baths now feature a powder painted body providing a durable finish and protection against corrosion, with “active anti-bacterial technology”. The finish actively inhibits bacterial growth and is effective against major strains of bacterium including E-coli and Staphylococcus aureus resistant strain.

Within its formulation is a proven anti-bacterial agent, bound into the coating during application and curing to the product, its efficiency is maintained over time, as the anti-bacterial agent is integral within the paint finish.  


Every bath undergoes a factory calibration check at a reference temperature.