Centrifuge, general purpose, high capacity

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Sigma Model 4-16S sets the standard for general purpose bench top centrifuges. Maximum RCF 20.376 x g, a large capacity of 4 x 750ml makes this centrifuge very versatile. A refrigerated version is available which can guarantee a temperature of 4°C at maximum speed for all rotors.

Also available in a heated version, please ask for details.

• Various angle and swing-out rotors available

• Lid can easily be opened due pneumatic swing support

• Maximum capacity of 4 x 650 ml down to micro-tubes with different adapters in the same bucket

• Maintenance-free induction drive motor

• Microcontroller controls speed or gravitational field

• 2 Motorized lid locks

• Suitable for low speeds e.g. for cell sedimentation, accuracy +/- 1 rpm

• Magnetic rotor identification prevents the rotor from exceeding recommended maximum speed

• Stainless steel bowl

• Imbalance switch


• Window in the lid