Freezer chest -86°c 189L

£6,579.30 (exc VAT) Each

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Standard features:

Microprocessor controller with digital display, approx. 72 hours battery back-up for alarms, loggings and temperature display in case of power cut. Prepared for GSM alarm and for connection of 2 additional probes Auto cycle in case of probe failure, ambient temperature display, direct download of logged data and new software direct upload by means of a USB memory stick.

·         3-level password protected

·         Battery level indication

·         Display text available in different languages

·         Temperature graph

·         Door Lock

·         Data logging features: Integrated data logger RS485/RS232 Interface Integrated memory for 30 years

·         Alarm features: Visual and acoustic alarm Adjustable high/low temperature alarm

·         Power failure alarm

·         Probe failure,  instrument failure  and door open  alarms

·         Contact for remote alarm which shows all alarms

Technical specification:

Capacity = 189Lit

Temperature range = -86/-40°C

External dimensions (WxDxH) = 920 x 695 x 885mm

Internal dimensions (WxDxH) = 760 x 440 x 635mm

Castors fitted = Yes

Chamber material = Varnished Steel

Cabinet material = White painted steel