Soxhlet extractor HM-200-MP6-250 250ml capacity 6 recess

£1,858.47 (exc VAT) EACH

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Regulating the heat on these multiposition extraction mantles is simple using the built-in solid-state electronic controls. The units accept round-bottom flasks ranging from 100 to 1000 ml. Select an extraction heater depending on the size of your flask.

Extraction heaters feature an independent heater per mantle, allowing liquids with different boiling points to be heated alongside each other. Each heater has its own control dial and on/off indicator light and can reach up to a maximum element temperature of 450°C (842°F).

The control panel is safely separated from the heating elements by a well-ventilated air space. A quartz heating element is housed in a thermally insulated cartridge for easy replacement, extending the life of the heater. Powder-coated aluminium surfaces and polypropylene top cover ensure good chemical resistance and easy clean-up.

Key Features:

• Unique vented airflow ensures the case remains “cool-to-the-touch”
• Heat your solutions simultaneously in each position
• Robust construction permits continuous operation of the mantles as required by routine extraction tests
• 3 or 6 heating positions
• 250-mL maximum flask size
• 230 VAC operation
• 1 year warranty