Furnace economy ELF11/23 1100°c

£3,070.00 (exc VAT) Each

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Maximum temperature



23 litres

Heat up time to 100°C below max temp, with empty chamber

29 minutes

Dimensions, w x d x h (mm)


255 x 400 x 235


505 x 660 x 715

Power supply

200-240V 50 Hz  23Amps

Max. power rating

5000 W


56 kg

14 litre ELF furnace. The ELF range of furnaces is bench-mounted with a maximum temperature of 1100°C, with chamber capacities of 6, 14 or 23 litres.

The low thermal mass insulated heating chamber, with semi-embedded free radiating elements, located in two sidewalls, offers exceptional performance in achieving maximum temperature quickly and efficiently. A hard ceramic hearth is fitted as standard, which offers protection from spillage and is simply and easily replaced in this event.

The drop down door can be used as a shelf when loading/unloading. A ceramic chimney is fitted for ventilation of the chamber, but it is not suitable for fume extraction. If large volumes of fumes are to be generated by an ashing process, then a dedicated ashing furnace should be considered. Ashing furnaces are also available from Carbolite.