Gel documentation system, plus blue led epi-illumination module and 520, 560, 580 filters plus white light table

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Gel documentation system, plus blue LED Epi-illumination module and 520, 560, 580 filters plus white light table These systems provide many of the features found in higher priced systems ans present a simple but sophisticated imaging solution. Fitted with a high resolution 5 mega pixel CMOS sensor and slide-out UV transilluminator and optional blue Epi-illumination module and white table. This makes this system ideal for imaging most fluorescent and colorimetric gels The pre-focussed camera requires little or no manual adjustment, a front filter and spring loaded cover facilitates safe and convenient gel inspection. Please note, these units require a PC or laptop with USB cable to make them operational • Pre-focussed 5mp camera with auto exposure • 6mm lens with f1.2 aperture and manual adjustment • Interchangeable filter, 620nm ethidium bromide as standard • 520, 560 and 580nm filter options for runSAFE, SYBR stain and other fluorescent applications • Internal white LED to assist gel positioning and focusing • Slide-out 312nm transilluminator • Large 21 x 26cm imaging area