Crosslinker short range

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UV Crosslinkers – Short-range UVIlink

Fully microprocessor controlled units specially designed to give the best possible results when binding nucleic acids to membranes. The correct ultraviolet dosage can be set using the membrane switch keypad in either energy units (Joules) or time (seconds). There are nine possible pre-sets for energy exposure and nine pre-sets for time exposure as well as manual user selection. 

• Programmable microprocessor control

• UV energy monitored automatically

• Compact footprint with large interior

• Observation window – UV blocking

• Membrane keypad operation

• Clear LED display

• Safety interlocked 

Technical specification:

UV source:  5x8W, 254nm

Maximum time exposure: 999.9 minutes

Maximum energy exposure: 99.99J (Joule)

Two measurement ranges: 0 – 99.99J and 0 – 9.999J

Controls: 9 Pre-sets, or manual controls for both energy and/or time exposure.               

Internal dimensions, mm: 145 x 260 x 330 (h x w x d)


External dimensions, mm: 305 x 350 x 360 (h x w x d)