Transilluminator mini 20x20cm 5x8w 254nm

£925.48 (exc VAT) Each

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Transilluminators – UVIvue. Mini. Filter: 20x20cm Tubes: 6x8W.
Wavelength: 254nm, dual intensity
UVIvue transilluminators are available in two unit sizes, standard (STS, SXT, 470 x 330mm footprint) and mini (BTS, BXT, 340 x 260mm footprint). Models with two intensity options of 100% and 70%, to prevent damage to precious DNA samples are available (BXT, STX).There is also a dual UV/white light model with side by side 20 x 20cm UV and white light filters, for use where bench space is limited. All models feature high quality construction with highly polished aluminium reflectors for maximum output, stainless steel filter surrounds, long life filters and an
adjustable UV-blocking safety shield. Replacement tubes and filters are available for all models