Paraffin wax dispenser WD-200D, 7.5L

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The Cole-Parmer® paraffin wax dispenser is designed for on-demand delivery of molten wax. It heats wax to a liquid state and provides convenient ‘wax on tap’ for Histology and Pathology laboratories. The paraffin wax dispenser has a large 7.5 L capacity tank, for melting up to 6 kg of pelletised wax at a time.
The innovative design of the instrument ensures that it takes up minimal bench space in the laboratory. The wax dispenser has digital temperature control which provides accurate temperature control of the molten wax, and is coupled with an ultra-fast heating system for rapid melting of pelletised wax.
An excellent feature is that the wax dispenser tap is heated via a dedicated heating system which prevents blockages and ensures an even flow of wax on demand. Delivery of molten wax is via a non-drip lever tap with three settings (off, on-demand pull dispense and continuous flow). The inner tank has a filter screen (0.5 mm mesh) fitted to prevent coarse particles from blocking the delivery tap.
The wax dispenser is controlled via an intuitive digital control panel. The set temperature can be controlled using the up and down arrows on the control panel. The heater indicator will illuminate to show heater activity. The wax dispenser is designed to melt bulk quantities of pelletised wax in as quick a time as possible. When set at 65?C the instrument will take ~90 minutes to fully melt 5 kg of pelletised wax, with significant quantities of molten wax available for use after as little as 30 minutes.
The equipment is protected by a miniature circuit breaker and a temperature cut out. If an over-temperature condition occurs, the wax dispenser will automatically turn off at 120°C.