Stirrer/hotplate, ceramic plate, digital SHP-200D-C

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With a choice of robust aluminium or chemically resistant ceramic top, these stirrer hotplates it into any laboratory environment.

Digital display for those users who want to more accurately observe the hotplate surface temperature. Both digital units the UC152D & US152D are compatible with the SCT1 temperature controller for precise sample temperature control.

All hotplate models feature a “Hot” warning light which will flash once the hotplate surface

reaches 50°C. The “Hot” light will continue to flash even once the unit has been switched off and unplugged from the mains, until the surface temperature drops below 50°C

• Digital display of surface temperature

• Choice of glass ceramic or ceramic coated metal surface

• Hot warning light, remains active even when unplugged

• Compact design to save bench space

• Units can be stored on side, minimising required storage space

• Design allows retort base to slide underneath


• Compatible with SCT1 temperature controller

Technical Specification:

Plate Material =  Silicon Glass ceramic

Plate Dimensions = 150 x 150mm

Heated Area = mm 120 x 120mm

Heater Power = 500 Watt

Max plate temp = 450°C

Stirrer Speed = 100 – 2000 rpm

Maximum Stirring Capacity = 15L*

Dimensions (w x d x h) = 172 x 248 x 122mm

Net weight = 2.9Kg

Electrical supply = 230V, 50Hz, 750W

*Based on water contained in a 20 litre glass boiling fl ask.