Stirrer/hotplate, coated aluminium plate, digital SHP-200D-S

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With a choice of robust aluminium or chemically resistant ceramic top, these stirrer hotplates it into any laboratory environment. The temperature is displayed by means of a printed calibration scale rather than the arbitrary 1 – 10 scale. The LED temperature indicator surrounds the heater control knob and progressively illuminates to indicate the actual surface temperature. This provides a bright, obvious indication that the unit is hot, which can be seen from across the room.

All hotplate models feature a “Hot” warning light which will flash once the hotplate surface

reaches 50°C. The “Hot” light will continue to flash even once the unit has been switched off and unplugged from the mains, until the surface temperature drops below 50°C

• LED temperature indicator

• Choice of glass ceramic or ceramic coated metal surface

• Hot warning light, remains active even when unplugged

• Compact design to save bench space

• Units can be stored on side, minimising required storage space

• Design allows retort base to slide underneath

Technical Specification:

Plate Material = Coated Aluminium

Plate Dimensions = 150 x 150mm

Heated Area = 150 x 150mm

Heater Power = 700Watt

Max plate temp = 325°C

Stirrer Speed = 100 – 2000rpm

Maximum Stirring Capacity = 15L*

Dimensions (w x d x h) = 172 x 248 x 120mm

Net weight, kg 2.9


Electrical supply 230V, 50Hz, 750W

*Based on water contained in a 20 litre glass boiling fl ask.