Hotplate, glass ceramic plate, HP-200-C

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Designed with microprocessor-controlled dual thermocouples, these hot plates offer you accurate temperature control and protection from overheating. A colored LED indicator surrounds the heat control knob illuminating the actual surface temperature in real time. The square plate design allows you flexibility of vessel sizes and combinations. Up to four 250-mL beakers can easily fit on the surface at the same time.

To keep you safe, a “hot” warning light flashes whenever the plate surface temperature is above 50°C and continues to flash until the temperature drops below 50°C, even when unplugged. The units also include BioCote antimicrobial protection which reduces the presence of odor and stain causing microbes such as bacteria, mold, and fungi on the product surface by up to 99.99%. Formulated from silver ion additives, BioCote provides built-in antimicrobial protection to support a more hygienic laboratory environment.

All models include an integral fitting for a retort rod and allow the retort base to slide underneath. For convenience and power saving, the units are built with a standard mains switch.

Available with either chemically resistant glass ceramic that stays cool around the edges to help prevent burns or coated aluminum top plate for rapid heating and better temperature uniformity.