Incubator, Avantegarde series, with fan 260L, model BF260

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Incubator, Avantegarde.Line series, fan circulated, capacity 260 litres The BF forced air convection series is suitable for demanding incubation tasks, particularly for full loads and large batch throughputs. The latest APT.line™ technology provides completely homogeneous temperature distribution. With enhanced timer functions and the adjustable fan, temperature and forced convection conditions are all easily controlled.

• Temperature distribution – perfect and precise

• Disinfection routine at 100 °C

• Simple door opening

• Spatial and temporal temperature accuracy, APT.line™ technology

• Controller with LCD alphanumeric display • Electromechanical control of the exhaust air flap

• Excellent energy efficiency

• Tempered safety glass inner door

• 2 chrome-plated racks

• Stackable up to 115L

• Class 3.1 integrated independent temperature safety device (DIN 12880) with visual alarm

• USB port for recording data