Incubator, orbital shaker, 115 litres, refrigerated version SI-200D-C *requires chiller ER/15026 for below ambient operation*

£7,397.65 (exc VAT) EACH

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Combined bench model shaker and incubator comes in 2 standard models plus a 115 litre refrigerated model, all are ideal for cell culturing procedures, especially suspension culture applications. The microprocessor controlled orbital shaking motion is adjustable between 30 to 300rpm is set via the digital LED control panel and has a gentle start action. As an added feature, the 1 second to 9 day digital timer, once counted down, sounds an audible alarm, however, the incubator continues to run to preserve the integrity of the sample under test .For operator convenience, the door and both sides of the incubator have smoked acrylic windows installed for ease of sample visibility. Temperature settings are set via a bright LED display encoder control that ensures that adjustments between ambient +5°C and 60°C can be made quickly, A uniform temperature is ensured by means of forced air circulation. The retractable shaking platform, which is locked in place during normal operation, has a versatile clamping system which accommodates flasks of varying capacities. Its pull out action enables easy access to samples at the back of the incubator. A USB connection enables the incubator to be run for extended periods of time, i.e. over weekends. Stainless steel accessory rack are available which allow samples to be tilted up to 30° and are easily coupled and de-coupled thanks the Magnalock system. The platform in models S1600 and 1600C which accepts flasks up to 2000ml capacity will accommodate the following Erlenmeyer flasks: 6 x 2000ml, 8 x 1000ml or 15 x 500ml Specification: Capacity = 115L Temperature range = -15°C to +60°C Temperature display resolution = 0.1°C Temperature precision = ±0.5°C Temperature fluctuation = ± 0.5°C Temperature variation = ±0.5°C Speed range = 30 to 300rpm Orbit diameter = 16mm Platform size = 520 x 390mm Internal dimensions ( w x d x h) = 625 x 455 x 380mm Maximum vessel height = 320mm Maximum load = 10Kg Overall dimensions (w x d x h) = 675 x 562* x 640mm Nett weight = 60Kg Heater power = 400W Electrical supply = 230V, 50Hz, 450W * When the cooling attachment, sold seperately, is connected, the depth increases to 592mm