Microscope, Trinocular, Stereo Zoom

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Stereo Zoom Tinocular microscope 


Binocular (SLX-4) or trinocular (SLX-5) stereomicroscope with Extremely stable, long overhanging stand for observation of particularly large specimens to be matched with a focusing system and stereozoom head. Smooth horizontal and vertical movements are ensured and the head can be easily swivelled for inspection at oblique angles. In case illumination is needed, choose from the wide choice of external illuminators available. 



SLX-4: Binocular, 45° inclined; 360° rotating.  

SLX-5: Trinocular (split ratio: 50/50), 45° inclined; 360° rotating. 

Dioptric adjustment: Both eyepieces. 

Eyepieces: WF10x/21 mm, high eyepoint, secured by screw and with rubber cups.  

Objective: Parfocal achromatic zoom 0.7x…4.5x (6.43:1 ratio) with anti-fungus treatment. 

Working distance: 100 mm. 

Focusing: Rack and pinion mechanism controlled by a pair of knobs placed on both sides of the stand. 

Stand: Overhanging stand 420 mm high, 430 mm horizontal arm length, base 230×230 mm with following adjustments: heigh, longitudinal extension and head rotation angle (left-right).