Metallurgical upright trinocular Microscope

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Upright metallurgic microscope with trinocular head

Metallurgical microscopy offers high magnification with reflected and transmitted light to aid in examining the microscopic mechanisms that affect the behaviour of metals, their composites and alloys. Not only can the instrument be used for measuring grain size, surface inclusions and defects, it can also be used for the detection and monitoring of fatigue, corrosion, creep, stress ruptures, fractures, cracks and crack propagation, to name but a few. These microscopes are not limited to the metallurgical laboratories, they can also be found in the ceramic industry and even in the field of forensics.


Technical Specification

Head Trinocular, 30° inclined, splitting ratio eyepieces/photo tube: 50% – 50%

Eyepieces Plan wide field, PL 10x/22 with dioptric adjustment on left eyepiece

Nosepiece Quintuple reversed

Objectives W-Plan IOS MET 4x,10x, 20x and 50x

Focusing system Coaxial coarse and fine

Stage Rack less, 233 x 147mm, movement range 78 x 54mm

Incident light and diaphragms  High-efficiency X-LED8 (8 W, comparable to a 100 W halogen bulb), manual brightness control. 

Accessories included Polarizer and rotating analyser filters