Rotator, TR-200D, variable speed without holder                 

£590.93 (exc VAT) Each

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These tube rotators feature an adjustable angle of rotation from horizontal for minimal mixing to vertical for full end-over-end mixing. An integrated drip tray prevents workspace spills from the rotating tubes and both units offer a choice of six tube holders for most applications. The tube holders can be removed and replaced quickly and easily. These tube rotators can use two tube holders simultaneously with our dual holder accessory (MX/15244). The rotators can be used in incubators up to 60ºC and in cold rooms down to 4ºC.

• Gives gentle but effective mixing, ideal for keeping biological samples in suspension e.g., blood
• The rotator has a constant speed of 20rpm

• Ideal for aerating cultures, keeping biological samples in suspension and for general mixing applications
• The rotator has a variable speed of 2 to 40rpm for gentle rolling or vigorous mixing of samples
• A digital timer and speed display allow procedures to be accurately repeated for optimal results
• Scale to measure mixing angle for future reference or continuity.

Technical specifications
TR-200 TR-200D
Width (mm) 225 225
Height (mm) 290 290
Depth (mm) 310 310
Weight (kg) 5.2 5.3