Rocker, see-saw, lab scale SH-200D-S-L, Replaces SSL4

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This rocker has a large platform able to accommodate a number of samples, ideal for a busy lab. The very quiet operation and designed to be on continuously. The See-saw rocking action creates a wave motion within vessels such as culture flasks, petri dishes etc. Rockers are often used in conjunction with incubators and environmental chambers, this model is ideally suited as it can be used in temperatures up to 40°C and humidity up to 80%. Supplied with a non-slip mat and digital selection of both speed and time making it very easy to operate. An accessory tier system can be fitted in seconds, without the need for tools, tripling the available space for samples, each tier is securely held in place by magnet.

Rocking action = See-saw wave

Platform dimensions = 355 x 333mm

Speed range = 5 to 70rpm

Angle of tilt = 7°

Maximum load = 10Kg

Dimensions (w x d x h) = 360 x 420 x 160mm

Tier height = 125mm each tier

Operational temp. range = 4° to +40°C

Maximum permissible humidity = 80%

Net weight = 10Kg

Electrical supply = 230v, 50Hz

IP Rating = 30