Overhead stirrer, general purpose, SSM6150, instrument & kit

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Cole-Parmer GP laboratory mixer ensures accurate, dependable motor speed control with “soft-start” feature and smooth, gradual adjustment to the speed setting. Constant speed is maintained electronically via automatic compensation for changes in load torque demands at both high and low speeds. Built-in motor current compensation minimizes speed drift with changes in load. Motor current limiting protects the system in case of a locked rotor condition. Output circuit protection protects against inadvertent output shorting.

The mixer rotates at 40 to 4000 rpm with a maximum torque of 9.5 in-oz (6.7 N·cm). The speed control knob is used to turn on and set the speed of the mixer motor and provides a 100:1 adjustment range. The LED indicates the mixer is powered on when it is green. When it flashes, it indicates a limit condition has been reached, such as an overtemperature or over-current situation.