Dispenser, advanced halo

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Chorus Dispenser, Advanced Halo

Each dispenser is supplied with GUID40007 or GUID40006 Quick Reference Guide, INST40011 or INST40013 Quick Start Guide, LA774 Installation Kit (plus for LA756: MANU40002 Operator manual)

The modular nature of PURELAB Chorus means that your dispense solutions sit independently from the unit. You can even have the Halo Dispenser installed in an adjacent laboratory. 

HALO Dispense Advanced Flexible

Fixed handset

Flexible handset ✓ 

Variable flow rate dispense ✓ 

Drop-by-drop control ✓ 

Locked dispense ✓ 

Purity monitoring to point-of-use ✓ 

Auto volume dispense ✓