Water still 4L/hr, with 1 x 3kw metal heater

£2,096.00 (exc VAT) Each

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Water still in clear fronted cabinet, durable and efficient with low maintenance. Fitted with 1 x 3kW metal element, also available with 2 x 1.5Kw Silica sheathed elements (Catalogue number WP/51020). Will provide outstanding service for many years. Used throughout the world in commercial, research and education laboratories. Meets all the current UK safety regulations; providing failsafe operation even without supervision. Stove enamelled casing incorporates hinged perspex front cover for easy access. Features a 12v circuit board to ensure complete operator safety, a solenoid valve  which shuts off the water supply to still if electrical supply fails. Can be bench or wall mounted.


Technical specification:

Output: 4 litres/hr

pH: 5.5 – 6.5

Conductivity, μScm-1: <2.5

Resistivity megohm/cm: 0.4

Temperature: <35°C

Minimum supply pressure: 5 psi

Power: 220/240v

Dimensions (h x w x d) mm: 400 x 590 x 240