LC100 PLUS SV100 KIT Hand-Held Imaging Spectrocolorimeter With Viewing Stand

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Colour measuring package comprising of:

The Lovibond LC100 Spectrophotometer which enables settings and maintains colour standards throughout the manufacturing process. It is a lightweight tool that is easy to handle and ready to use. In just over a second, it not only provides a reading of the sample, but also a report telling how close the colour is to a measured standard. The LC100 automatically creates conformance reports in either PDF or Excel formats for each stored sample against each standard. These can easily be shared with a PC or directly to a compatible printer (via USB mass storage mode)

Also included is the SWV100 holder which supports the LC100 at an ergonomic viewing angle to enable the measurement in Lovibond optical cells. A secure cap is provided to cover the sample, protecting it from any excessive ambient light, enabling quick yet accurate readings.

Together, the Lovibond LC100 and SV100 create an integrated package that is the ideal solution for the colour measurement of food, powder, cosmetics, pastes and pharmaceuticals.

The LC100 Spectrophotometer is available on its own, please see CO/85400



Technical specification:


Measuring geometrics

45/0 Image capture

Light source

Independent tri-directional 25 LED (8 x visible wavelengths:1 x UV)

Illuminant/ Observer


Standards/ Sample storage


Measurement time

1.8 seconds

Measuring area

4 & 8mm

Short term repeatability

Typical 0.10 ΔE 94 on white (D65/10)


4.5cm colour TFT

Data interface

USB (Mass storage device)

Operating temperature

0° to 40°C (50° to 104°F)

Storage temperature

 -20° to 60°C (-4 to 140°F)

Humidity range

20 – 80% RH (non-condencing)



Pollution degree


Transient overvoltage

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