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Lovibond PFXi-195/3 spectrophotometric colorimeter, automatic transmittance, supplied with Windows® compatible software, Lovibond® optical glass cells for the included colour scalea, a spare lamp, instructions and an RCMSi starter pack

Application: Dark oils and fats


Standard colour scales: FAC, Gardner, CIE values, spectral data

• RCMSi Remote Calibration & Maintenance Service via internet

• USB & LAN Interface

• Large clear LCD screen for ease of use and ability to display graphs and data in a wide

variety of languages

• Extensive yet flexible choice of standard colour scales

• Remote upgrade facility for adding scales once in service

• Allows calculation and description of off-hue status

• Gives closest match to stored references

• Generates a customised colour scale from reference samples

• Robust steel construction with excellent chemical resistance

• Easy maintenance with removable sample chamber

• Supplied with colour control software for data analysis

• Output conforming to GLP including date, time, sample & user ID

• Accommodates a range of sample cells and tubes.


Objective Colour Data for Process Control:

The Lovibond PFXi-195 Series is a highly efficient colorimeter for optically clear samples

that meets the demand for consistent and reliable colour data. It removes all subjectivity

involved in colour grading, supplying unbiased readings that are unaffected by operator or



Comprehensive Selection of Standard Colour Values:

The PFXi-195 Series, automatically measures colour and displays the results directly, either

according to the traditional grading scales that have been widely adopted as industry

standards for colour assessment and control, or in terms of internationally recognised CIE

values and spectral data.


Technical specification:


Measuring principle

9 Interference filters

Spectral response

420 to 710nm


On measurements of de-ionised water





Measurement time

< 20 seconds

Baseline calibration

Single key press; fully automated

Light source

5 Volt