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Lovibond Tintometer Model F

A versatile instrument for measuring the colour, in terms of Lovibond units, of products that transmit light as well as opaque solids, powders and pastes. The user simultaneously compares the colour of light that is either transmitted through or reflected from the sample with that transmitted through a series of glass colour filters in 3 primary colours – red, blue and yellow. The slides are adjusted until a visual colour match is found for the light from the sample and the colour is then expressed in Lovibond units.

The Tintometer Model F is specified in official test methods for colour determination. Each version is supplied with a complete set of Lovibond glass filters (Red 0.1 – 70; Yellow 0.1 – 70; Blue 0.1 – 40; Neutral 0.1 – 3.0), a sample chamber insert for easy cleaning, rectangular fused glass cells of the appropriate size , and instructions. Optional sample holders are available for measuring light-reflecting products. Includes a 12 Volt ac power pack switchable to suit 110/220/Volt supply