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Mettler  S7 USP/ EP kit comprising of Seven2Go  conductivity meter,  InLab 742-ISM, sachets of conductivity standards 1413 µS/cm, 12.88mS/cm,  operating instructions, quick guide, test report, declaration of conformity and batteries.

There are 8 models in the Seven2Go series, the S3 models measure from 0.010 µS/cm to 500mS/cm and come in 4 different variations, whilst the S7 models measure from 0.010 µS/cm to 1000 mS/cm and again come in 4 variations to complete the range of 8 models

These meters are simple to use and reliable, they are engineered to provide users with fast quality data and one-handed operation. Their robust design makes them very durable and ideally suited for mobile applications in the laboratory, at-line, and being waterproof, in the field.

·          Simple menu for straight out of the box operation

·          T-Pad navigation control for fast and comfortable movement through menus

·          ISM (Intelligent Sensor Management) ready, recognises sensors and stores their details

·          Waterproof tested to IP67 and drop test resistance

·          Automatic/ Manual temperature capture

·          Predefined conductivity standards

·          User-defined conductivity standards

·          Manual cell constant entry

·          Both models are available in 4 variations

 Technical Specification:


Conductivity Range         0.010 μS/cm to 1000mS/cm

Conductivity Resolution 0.001…1 (auto-range)

Conductivity Accuracy (sensor input) ± 0.5%

TDS Range  0.01 mg/L…600 g/L

TDS Resolution  0.01…1 (auto-range)

TDS Accuracy (sensor input)  ± 0.5%

Specific resistance range  0.01…100.0 M cm

Specific resistance resolution  0.01…0.1 (auto-range)

Specific resistance accuracy (sensor input)  ± 0.5%

Salinity Range  0.01…42 psu

Salinity Resolution  .01…0.1 (auto-range)

Salinity Accuracy (sensor input)  ± 0.5%

Conductivity Ash Range  0.01…2022%

Conductivity Ash Resolution  0.01…1 (auto-range)

Conductivity Ash Accuracy (sensor input)  0.50%

Temperature range  –5.0…105.0 °C

Temperature resolution  0.1 °C

Temperature accuracy (sensor input)  ± 0.2 °C

Calibration points  1

Sensor input LTW  7-pin (IP67)

Measurements  222 x 70 x 35 mm

Weight 290 g

Power supply  4x 1.5 V AA or 1.3 V NiMH acc. Plus USB

Operating hours  200 – 250 hours

Display  Graphic LCD