Datalogger RF314-TC for measuring temperature using thermocouple probes

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Model RF314-TC for measuring temperature with thermocouple probes. With built in temperature data logger with Wi-Fi capability and integrated display, capable of logging greater than 1 million data entries. Measurement range -270°C to 1300°C (probe dependent) supplied with a K type thermocouple probe but will support J, K, N and T types as well.


The Comark Diligence range of small, low powered, battery-operated Data Loggers are ideal for applications where monitoring is taking place remotely, but where crucially, the monitoring history is of key importance. Using Wi-Fi connectability, readings can be taken and using your existing Wi-Fi network, the live data can be fed back to a PC  or to the Comark Cloud – which can then be viewed 24/7 from any Internet enabled device.

Offering you unlimited storage of the Temperature and Humidity data (model RF313-TH only) from your Diligence Wi-Fi Data Loggers, across multiple locations, the Comark Cloud is supplied free for one year. The Diligence Plug and Play Wi-Fi System will also provide you with real-time audio and visual alerts via a local alarm module for immediate on-site action, as well as E-Mail and SMS alerts* for off-site notifications and action giving you peace of mind and allowing you to intervene at the earliest possible moment.

Supplied with a Micro USB lead and USB port for recharging (can only be recharged when the unit is between 0 to +40°C).

*Via an email to SMS service such as

Common features on all models:

·         Rechargeable internal lithium polymer battery

·         Easy data logger set-up using free PC software application

·         Temperature selection in °C or °F

·         Data can be viewed via the graphing tool or can be exported to MS Excel

·         Configurable high and low alarms with indicator

·         Wireless connectivity to PC via Wi-Fi

·         Max and Min readings

·         IEEE 802.11b/g/n compliant

·         Protection rating IP55

·         Memory stores all data even if Wi-Fi is temporarily disconnected

·         Fully featured LCD segment display

·         Low battery indicator

·         Wi-Fi connection indicator


“Please note that these units do not have to be connected via Wi-Fi. They can be operated off line using the free easy set up software supplied with the unit connected to a PC locally. When connecting this way, many of the Wi-Fi features and benefits will not be available, for example SMS messaging, we also recommend that the unit is coupled with a RF324 audible and visual local alarm.”