Model 410 flame photometer with NA, K & CA filters

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The Sherwood  Classic Model 410 Flame photometer directly measures Alkali and Alkaline Earth metals Sodium (Na), Potassium (K) and Calcium (Ca) by means of a low temperature flame using propane, butane or Natural gas.

Additional filters for Caesium (Cs), Rubidium (Rb) and Strontium (Sr) and Lithium (Li) are available. Please contact our sales office for pricing information. 

Available in three formats:

Classic – Fitted with Na, K and Ca filters

Industrial – Fitted with Na, K and Li filters and a digital interface/linearisation module


Clinical – Fitted with Na, K and Li filters and a digital interface/linearisation module 

Classic Model 410 may be upgraded by the addition of the digital interface module which is designed to fit all Model 410 instruments – even those made by Corning 25 years ago 

System Requirements:

A source of clean dry pulse-free compressed air at a pressure of 12-15 psi is essential, Sherwood recommends the Model 851 Compressor.  These Flame Photometers will run on Butane, Propane, a mixture of the two, or Natural gas. A primary regulator at the gas source is required. The secondary regulator is built-in to the Flame Photometer.

This equipment will only operate with the correct type of air compressor and gas regulator, as specified

Technical Specification:

Sensitivity: To display minimum of 100 units, Na <0.5 ppm, K <0.5 ppm, Li* 5 ppm, Ca 5 ppm, Ba* 200 ppm.

Specificity: For Na, K, Li interference is less than 0.5% of the concentration of Na, K, Li*, Ca or Ba*, equal to the concentration under analysis.

Linearity: Better than 2% mid-range with Na=3ppm, K=3ppm, or Li*=5ppm.

Drift: (To be measured after 30 mins warm up): Zero Drift better than 2% per hour when calibrated with Na=10ppm.

Reproducibility: < 1 % CV from the same Bulk sample for 20 determinations at Na and K=10ppm.

Limit of Detection: <20 ppb Na and K.

Time to Stability: Aspirate for 20 sec.

Aspiration Rate: Variable 2-6 ml/min.

*These filters are not supplied with the unit and need to be purchased separately.


FP/35006 Compressor model 851 230 V

FP/35014 Continuous flow auto diluter Model 805

FP/35036 Auto sampler model 860 for models 420 and 425 (will also work on model 410 and 410c providing Bluenotes software has been installed)

FP/35038 Bluenotes software package upgrade for 410

FP/35020 Digital interface / lineariser model for 410

FP/35022 Natural gas regulator kit (with gas filter) for model 410 only

FP/35024 Propane regulator

FP/35026 Butane regulator (Camping Gaz)

FP/35028 Butane regulator (15 kg)

FP/35030 Interference filter, calcium

FP/35032 Interference filter, barium

FP/35033 Interference filter, lithium

FP/35034 Spare filter holder


FP/31002 Sodium standard 1000ppm 6 x 100ml

FP/31004 Potassium standard 1000ppm 6 x 100ml

FP/31006 Lithium standard 1000ppm 6 x 100ml

FP/31008 Calcium standard 1000ppm 6 x 100ml

FP/31018 Standard 100ml, for Na140ppm, K 5ppm, Li 1.5ppm