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Technical Specification



pH Range                                                   -2.000 to 20.000pH

Resolution                                             0.001, 0.01, 0.1 selectable

Accuracy                                              ±0.003pH

mV (Absolute or Relative)

Range                                                   -1999.9 to +1999.9mV

Resolution / Accuracy                            0.1mV / ±0.2mV

Input Impedance                                    >1012 ohms

Calibration                                             1, 2 or 3 points

Auto buffer recognition                Jenway, NIST, DIN, JIS

Manual buffer recognition                        Any value entered within the range


Range                                                   Auto ranging from 0.01µS to 1.999S

                                                            (19.99S with X10 probe) 

Resolution                                             0.01µS to 1mS (0.01S with x10 probe)

Accuracy                                              ±0.5% ±2 digits

Calibration                                             1, 2 or 3 points

Auto standard recognition                       10µS, 84µS, 1413µS, 12.88mS

Manual standard recognition                   Any value entered within the range or by cell constant value

Reference Temperature               18, 20, 25°C

Temperature Coefficient              0 (off) to 4%/°C

Temperature (for each channel)

Range                                                   -10 to 105°C (14 to 221°F)

Resolution / Accuracy                            0.1°C (1°F) / ±0.5°C (±1°F)

MTC / ATC Ranges                                0 to 100°C (32 to 212°F)

Outputs                                     RS232 Serial, Analogue and alarms

Clock                                                    Time (24 hour) and date

Memory                                                250 readings (pH with Conductivity)

Data Logging                                         Timed, Stability and alarm level triggers with output to internal memory or printer/computer

GLP                                                      Calibration reminder (1 to 999 hours)

Operator and sample ID

Security code protection for set-up

Display                                                 Back lit 1/8 VGA LCD

Power                                                   9 V ac from 230 to 110V mains adapter

Size                                                      210 x 250 x 55mm

Weight                                                  850g

Bench pH /Conductivity Meter Model 3540

The Model 3540 is a combined pH and conductivity meter ideal for use in water testing applications and in all laboratories where pH and conductivity analysis is required. It offers a space saving and flexible approach to the measurement of these two parameters. The Model 3540 comes complete with pH combination electrode, ATC, Conductivity cell K=1 with ATC, Swing arm and electrode holder, buffers, shorting plug and mains power chord.

Features Include:

  • Simultaneous display of pH & Conductivity
  • Tabbed display screens with set-up menu options
  • Built in data logger with auto save/print
  • Additional modes for Resistivity, Salinity, TDS & mV
  • Automatic or manual calibration options
  • Two independent channels (e.g; pH &/or Conductivity)

The bright back lit LCD has five separate tabbed screens, each accessed with the simple navigation keys. The set-up menu gives quick and easy access to the wide range of instrument, pH and conductivity measurement options. Calibration of both the pH and conductivity channels is automatic, with the option to select 1, 2 or 3 calibration points for each. Automatically recognised pH buffers conforming to the NIST, DIN and JIS standards can be overridden by manually entered values, as can the 4 automatically recognised conductivity standards. An option to calibrate the conductivity channel to a cell constant is also included for quick and simple conductivity measurements. The conductivity channel has a special ultra-pure water function which enables the ideal temperature compensation algorithm for this exacting application. Other modes of operation include Resistivity, Salinity and TDS measurement. The pH channel can also display mV values to 0.1mV resolution, enabling ORP/Redox measurements to be made. The in-built data logger can store up to 250 pH and conductivity readings based on manual or automatically timed triggers, as well as from stability and alarm status. Logged results can either be sent to the internal memory or via the RS232 serial port to the optional printer. The comprehensive GLP functions include calibration reminders and status tracking, operator and sample ID management and a supervisor security code for all set-up options.



PH/25712   Glass bodied pH combination electrode

CO/25260   Glass K=1 Conductivity cell with ATC

PH/25512   ATC probe

PH/25514   Swing arm and electrode holder

PH/25516   Dust Cover for all 3000 series meters

PH/25518   I rDA/ Serial Printer complete with serial connection lead