Dip pH tester checker 1 0-14phx0.01

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Checker, pocket pH testers Range/Resolution; 0.00 to 14.00 pH Accuracy; ±0.2 pH. CHECKER1 Pocket pH meter. A low cost simple to use digital pH tester with on/off switch and trimmers for calibration. An ideal replacement for litmus paper and many times more accurate The Checker 1 has a probe small enough to fit into a test tube, Checker 2 has a full sized pH electrode, and the Checker 3 has a full size pH electrode with a BNC connector. Supplied with probe, batteries and one-year guarantee (probe 6 months).

PH/35008          Accessory Calibration kit comprising of 5 sachets each of pH7.01 and pH4.01

PH/35010          Accessory Probe cleaning solution 460ml

PH/35012          Accessory Probe storage solution 460ml

PH/35014          Accessory Replacement probe for Checker 1

PH/35016          Accessory Replacement probe for Checker 2

 PH/35018          Accessory Replacement probe for Checker 3