Hanna HI-98191 professional waterproof pH/mV/C/ISE meter

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Hanna HI-98191 professional waterproof pH/mV/c/ISE meter supplied with pH electrode with built-in temperature sensor, separate temperature probe, buffer solutions, 2 sachets of electrode cleaner, USB cable and software, beakers, batteries and carry case.

Rated waterproof to IP67 and designed for universal applications, by exchanging the pH probe for an ORP probe, the user can obtain mV readings in the ±2000 mV range. Supplied with the HI-72911B titanium bodied pH/temperature electrode with BNC and RCA connectors.

The HI-98191 also offers direct ion concentration readings for ISEs with a choice of units for calibration and display.

There are 17 different standard ISE sensors pre-programmed in the meter. Selecting the

appropriate sensor will automatically update the ion charge for slope calibration and can be

calibrated up to five points with the choice of seven standards and five custom standards.

Choice of measurement units: ppm, ppt, g/L, ppb, μg/L, mg/mL, M, mol/L, mmol/L, % w/v ( user setting) and has an expanded measuring range of 1.00 x 10-7 to 9.99 x 1010  


·          Waterproof to IP67 (including probe sockets)

·          Large dot matrix display with backlight

·          On-screen calibration instructions

·          Log on demand

·          GLP and on screen help

·          USB for data download (cable and software supplied)

·          Customisable pH resolution from 0.1 to 0.001

·          Up to 5 point pH calibration with standard and custom buffers

·          Choice of measurement units for ISE

·          Up to 5 point ISE calibration

·          Auto-end feature

·          Metal cased pH electrodes  with in-built temperature sensor



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