Water meter, Multi 3510 IDS set 4

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Multi 3510 IDS SET 4 

The new multi-parameter systems with intelligent, digital sensors for pH, dissolved oxygen (DO) and conductivity measurement revolutionize multi-parameter measurement:

The signal processing is completely located in the sensor, and the measuring signal is transmitted to the meter without interference and in a clearly identifiable manner via thin, high strength cables. A wide range of sensors are available for virtually every application.

High resolution color graphic display

Single or Dual Channel options (Multi 3510 /3620 IDS)

Data logging with Safe data transmission to USB stick

NEW: now ready for turbidity measurement – VisoTurb® 900-P

NEW: now ready for wireless measurements

Technical Specifications

D.O. measurement (optical), Concentration/Saturation 0.00 … 20.00 mg/l / 0.0 … 200.0 %

D.O.   (optical), Partial pressure / Temperature 0 … 400.0 hPa / 0.0 … 50.0 °C

pH / mV – 2.000 … 20.000 pH ± 2000 / ± 1250.0

Conductivity (K = 0.1 cm–1) 0.0 … 2000 mS/cm  0.00 … 19.99 µS/cm

Conductivity, Spec. resistivity /Salinity 0.00 … 20 MΩ cm/ 0.0 … 70.0 (acc. IOT)

Conductivity, (TDS) 0 … 1999 mg/l  / 0 … 199.9 g/l

Kit Contents

Multi 3620 IDS SET C  meter, dual channel including  IDS sensors: digital pH electrode SenTix® 940, digital conductivity 4-electrode cell TetraCon® 925, QSC Kit, short instruction manual, stand, beaker, CD-ROM, driver software for USB, rechargeable batteries, cable, universal power supply, armoring SM Pro.

Multi 3510 IDS SET 4  Meter,  for IDS electrodes, Meter in case set including FDO® 925 with short instruction manual, CD-ROM including software, batteries, USB cable

IDS WLM Kit  Wireless connection kit (one  for probe / meter & Necessary chargers)

A 925-P/K  Armor  designed for TetraCon® 925-P, SensoLyt® 900-P, SensoLyt® ORP 900-P, FDO® 925-P, VisoTurb® 900-P, material: POM. (or Stainless steel)

D 3Sen  Flow-through vessel for up to three pH, ORP, D.O. or conductivity sensors (also IDS). With tube adapter for commercially availabe garden hoses inner diameter 19 mm (3/4″). Including clamp also for mast mounting.

NOTE other sets /accessories available