Polarimeter, digital model ADP430, water-bath controlled

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ADP430 digital polarimeter for use with or without an external water-bath or ATC. Supplied with a standard ICUMSA specification 200mm glass centre fill polarimeter tube, pack of three RFID tags, instruction manual and certificate of conformity#

Bellingham and Stanley ADP400 Series polarimeters not only offer three decimal place measurement, they are also packed full of features normally only expected from high-end instrumentation.  

A METHODS system allows rapid instrument configuration.  Setting the scale (optical rotation, sugar, Specific Rotation, concentration, etc.), selecting the reading type (continuous or single-shot) and limit checking against pre-defined product specifications is simple. 

High security software fulfils the operational requirements of FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11, electronic signatures.  User access is configurable and protected with password entry via keypad or RFID tag.  Audit trails of readings and configuration are easily viewed on the 4” (10cm) full colour display or downloaded via USB or LAN/Ethernet.

There are two models available in the range; both instruments conform to the minimum requirement of USP/EP/BP for sodium (589nm) measurement.


  • ADP430 for use where no temperature control is required or for operation with automatic temperature compensation (ATC) or a water-bath.
  • ADP450 with patented XPC technology that uses Peltier to control sample temperature.


Common features:

·         LED/Interference filter

·         Standard ICUMSA tubes

·         High Definition colour display

·         Multiple scales

·         Temperature display

·         Optical Density display

·         Temperature compensation

·         Conform to USP/EP/BP/JP (@589nm)


General specification:



Angular degrees (°A)

 -355 to +355

International sugar scale (°Z)

 -225 to +225

User Scales/ Methods




Angular degrees (°A)

0.01/ 0.001 (selectable)

International sugar scale (°Z)



Angular degrees (°A)


International sugar scale (°Z)


Precision (Reproducibility):


Angular degrees (°A)


International sugar scale (°Z)


User scales & methods library

PHR-MEAN statistical