Lovibond cod vario set-up complete

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The chemical oxygen demand, ST-COD value (ST = small scale sealed tube), of water as determined by the dichromate method can be considered as an estimate of the theoretical oxygen demand, i.e. the amount of oxygen consumed in total chemical oxidation of the organic constituents present in the water. The Lovibond® COD VARIO setup allows highly sensitive and precise COD testing with minimum effort. After adding the sample to a Lovibond® COD VARIO tube test, it is heated in the RD 125 COD reactor and then analysed in the MD 100 COD Vario photometer. COD Vials are available to cover all applications from final, treated, raw and trade effluent. COD Setup Delivery Content: • MD 100 COD VARIO Instrument in carrying case • 4 batteries (AAA) • Adapter for round vials