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The Lovibond Comparator 2000+ is a high quality instrument for visually matching the intensity of a sample colour with Lovibond glass filters. It includes an adjustable cell compartment for samples in cells of up to 40mm path length.

The Nessleriser system is used for the matching of samples using a longer path length in a Nessleriser cylinder. Again, Lovibond glass filters are used, and the instrument is designed for measuring concentrations that are below the sensitivity of the Comparator 2000+

Both instruments include the facility to compensate for water samples that are turbid or tinted.

They also include an integrated prism which causes the sample and comparison fields to overlap, allowing enhanced colour discrimination and matching. The prism is ultrasonically sealed to prevent contamination of the optics


For more than 60 years, the Lovibond Comparator System has been widely used for the chemical analysis of water. Today, it remains a popular choice for water analysis in all environments, offering a simple and flexible approach which gives reliable results in both laboratory and fields testing.


·                      Compact, easily portable and robust for field testing

·                      Reagents mostly available in convenient tablet form

·                      Includes stable-coloured glass filters which can be certified under an ISO 9001:2000QA procedure


The Comparator 2000+ can be purchased as a complete test kit in a carry case. Kits can be customised by adding extra discs, reagents and accessories. All items can also be purchased individually as replacements or to produce a bespoke test kit.


What you need

·                      Comparator instrument (Comparator 2000+ or appropriate Nessleriser System)

·                      Lovibond® test disc

·                      Reagents specific to the test

·                      Sample container of the required path length

·                      Lighting Unit (optional) to ensure constant viewing conditions

Using the System

1.             Follow the test method for sample preparation, adding the specified reagent to a known volume of sample in the appropriate container

2.             Insert the Lovibond® test disc into the appropriate comparator instrument

3.             Place the sample container in the right hand comparator compartment, and, if specified in the test method, an untreated sample in the left hand side

4.             Using an appropriate light source, rotate the disc until the closest colour match with the sample is obtained


5.             The value is shown in the window of the Comparator instrument