Pipettor/dispenser, Dispetta for serial dispensing, 5µl to 5ml

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Pipettor, Dispetta for serial dispensing, 5µl to 5ml Dispensetta dispenser, robust and well-designed, hand operated, for serial dispensing using disposable tips. Five volume settings combined with seven dispenser tip sizes result in 35 different volumes from 10 µl to 5 ml. The dispenser tip is filled similar to a syringe using a well-positioned lever, after preselecting the dispensing volume the pipet button is pressed for each dispending step.

• Ergonomic design and light weight for convenient handling

• Smooth and fatigue-free operation

• Precise and convenient volume setting

• Clearly visible volume adjustment, optimized readability

• Table with volume scale fixed directly onto the instrument

• Precise gear mechanism for accurate and reproducible pipetting

• Safe, rapid and easy exchange of tips

• Maintenance-free


• Robust design to ensure long life of unit