Pasteur-plast pipettes, 10ml

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Pasteur pipette with integral bulb, ungraduated, capacity 10ml, 45µl drop volume, 22 drops per ml, length 300mm.  Pasteur-plast pipets render liquid handling simple and safe. Cross-contamination and carry-over simply cannot occur so that tedious clean-ups are unnecessary. In addition, there is no danger of glass breakage with the resulting danger of infectious material escaping. The pasteur-plast pipets are made of transparent polyethylene. They are inert to biological fluids and most acids. The low affinity of the surface reduces the loss of cells and valuable proteins through binding.

• Soft, elastic bulb

• Unbreakable, reducing the risk of injury associated with glass

• Burr-free orifice for neat, clean and precise dispensing

• Graduated versions have clearly visible embossed external graduations

• Sterilised versions are gas-sterilized and individually packaged

• BSE-free

• Suitable for food use


• Manufactured of PE-HD