Burette rinser 165 x 750

£232.74 (exc VAT) Each

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Pipette/burette rinsing set, automatic

High quality and high speed. Solves the problem of washing pipettes up to 600mm long and Mohr burettes quickly and safely. Indispensable in the laboratory where radio-active, caustic and toxic materials are in use. The polyethylene rinser fills via the spray nozzle situated on the top rim. This eliminates back-syphoning as the water inlet is located above and away from any contaminated waters. Contaminated waters will syphon out totally, once the syphon point at the top of the rinser has been reached, via the large diameter drain situated at lowest point, before refilling automatically. During washing the pipettes/burettes are housed in specially designed baskets which minimises breakages and is particularly safe as it buffers the tips of pipettes against the soft polyethylene base. Since soaking takes the longest time, two or three baskets of pipettes/burettes can be soaking in their jars whilst another basket full is being washed in the rinser. Low water flow rate is NOT a problem but it is best to adjust the flow for a cycle of about 90 secs.

Suggested basic set for:

Pipettes             Burettes

1 x PW/46324 1 x PW/46322

2 x PW/46328 2 x PW/46328

1 x PW/46326 2 x PW/46330