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Water stills, Aquatron®, A4000D

  • Fully automatic operation
  • High purity pyrogen free output
  • Low temperature distillate
  • Operates from any raw water supply
  • Reservoir level control
  • Simple conversion to pre-treated feed
  • Supplied with wall mounting bracket
  • Safety features allow unattended operation
  • Simple to clean

Three models are available giving outputs of 4 or 8 litres/hour single or 4 litres/hour double

distilled water. The high quality borosilicate glassware coupled with silica sheathed

heaters gives pyrogen free distillate of the highest purity from virtually any raw water supply.

All glass construction allows rapid descaling using strong mineral acids. A built in “clean”

function and integral acid addition funnel make the cleaning operation simple and safe with no

need to dismantle any of the glassware. A large bore stopcock with PTFE key is

fitted for easy draining of chemicals after cleaning.

A flow sensing device will detect any reduction in the flow of cooling water to below the

required level and will turn off the still before it can overheat. Sensing the flow of cooling water

rather than its pressure is safer and allows the still to run normally on low pressure supplies

down to 3psi (20kPa). As a fail-safe device there is an over-temperature thermostat mounted in

the boiling chamber.

The Aquatron® is very easy and safe to assemble and maintain. Both the acrylic safety screen

and the cabinet lid are removable giving unrivalled access to the glassware components.

Every Aquatron® water still is supplied with a reservoir level control; a simple and effective

system which can be fitted to virtually any type of reservoir vessel. It will turn the still off when

the reservoir is full and restart it when the level in the reservoir drops as distilled water is

removed for use making it fully automatic water purification


Produces 4 litres/hour double distilled water for higher purity levels. The first stage distillation is

carried out in a glassware set mounted at the front of the cabinet allowing easy access for

descaling. The distilled water is fed to a second set of glassware mounted at the rear and

distilled a second time. The rear glassware is fitted with a level sensor to ensure the heater is

only activated when there is sufficient water in the boiler.

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